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Certificate Of Liability Insurance 2019 - 2020

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Certificate Of Liability Insurance 2017 - 2018

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Woodstream Falls Insurance Claim Process

Certificate Of Liability Insurance 2015 - 2016



Note: This policy applies to the Commons Structure only, not indiviual units. Please follow the instructions to file a claim.  You must contact the Managing Agents First.

Please contact the Woodstream Falls Office prior to pursuing a claim on our master policy.  Most claim situations can be covered by your personal HO6 (condo owner policy) or your HO4 (renters insurance policy).  Our master policy carries a high deductible so your claim may not be large enough to pursue with the master policy carrier.  If your claim is large enough to pursue through the master policy here is who you should contact after notifying the Association Management Office.

If it is during normal business hours: Lori A. Busi, Phone (720) 221-8168  Fax (720) 221-6787

You can also contact Lori Busi at this email: Lori@teamais.net

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