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Woodstream Falls is in Denver Police Department's District 3
Fire Station Location

Station 13 - District 3

3683 S. Yosemite Street, Denver CO 80211

Denver Police Department
District 3 Substation
  1625 S University Blvd.

Denver, CO 80210

             Phone: 720-913-1300

                Fax: 720-913-1199


Joseph Montoya  

District Three Community Resource Officers:

The District Three Community Resource Officers address specific problems in the broad area of Crime Prevention. These duties include the Crime Free Lease program utilized by apartment and leasing managers, identifying nuisance properties, handling abandoned vehicles, neighborhood quality of life issues, as well as crime prevention presentations and the Neighborhood Watch Program.

Officer: Mike Borquez | Badge # 99037 - Voice Mail # 720-913-1183, and Mobile # 303-505-5471 handles the northern area of District Three bordered by Cherry Creek on the south, Colfax Ave. on the north, approximately Yosemite on the east and Downing St. on the west.


Woodstream Falls Security: 

Officer: Robert Martin, DPD/CEO, Community Policing Services # 720-333-6892




Safety Information

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